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James helps to motivate and inspire his clients to do the things that they've always dreamed of doing, but might not have the means or the knowledge as to how to. With James' help, he can guide you towards finding and fulfilling your life purpose or dream career, ultimately helping you live a more joyous and fulfilled life.

James' life experiences have made him into a trustworthy,  caring and professional individual who will help you to achieve your goals. James had an upbringing which, despite its difficulties (mostly relating to family and relationship dynamics), have allowed him to see a wider part of the world that many others cannot. With troubling experiences come a certain amount of wisdom, and James has a lot of it to share with his clients.


From serving in the territorial army to working as a taxi driver, James has a lot of experience in many aspects of life. He decided on a career as a computer engineer in the corporate world before he found his own life's passion in life coaching. After finding something that inspires him, he wants to help you to have the same. 

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