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Confessions of a couch potato - Part 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This is my fitness journal detailing my ongoing journey from Couch to 10k and the mental obstacles the mind throws in your path on the way.

In February 2020 I decided that I needed to increase my fitness level. I was getting out of breath quite easily, even just walking up slight hills. I decided to choose running for exercise. Now running is not for everyone. Apparently the world is split into three groups: People that like running and want to run. People that don’t like running but eventually learn to love it. People that don’t like running and will never like running. I started in the second category and grew to love it. I had not run for four and a half years since suffering a mild heart attack in November 2015. A blockage was found in one of the arteries leading from my heart and I had to have an operation to insert a metal stent into the artery, to increase the blood flow. Fear and doubt since the operation had caused me to avoid running. I was scared that running would actually kill me. I came to the conclusion that actually sitting on my arse all day was more likely to kill me and it was time to do something. I told (conned) myself "come on you're taking aspirin every day to thin your blood, so actually it should be easier this time around!". I decided to set myself the goal of running in a 10-kilometre race and chose the Couch to 5k & 10k app. The furthest I'd run in the past was 12 kilometres, back in 2012, so this should be an achievable goal for me. I downloaded the Couch to 5k & 10k app The first stage is the Couch to 5k element. This is split into 9 weeks with 3 runs per week with a rest day after each run. Sunday, March 1st Couch to 5k Week 1 Day 1 Looks like it rained overnight, but it's dry at the moment, hope it stays that way. Let's do this! Brisk walk for 5 minutes to warm up. I can handle that! Now, run for 60 seconds. 30 seconds in and I'm panting and feel like I've been running forever. I'm thinking this bloody thing has stopped working. Surely it's been more than 60 seconds? Eventually, it tells me to walk for a minute and a half. Phew! Another three alternating run, walk sessions followed by a 5-minute cooldown walk and I'm done. Total time 20 minutes. Total distance 3.84 Km Day 1 complete, feeling knackered, but feeling great! Great sense of achievement.

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