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Confessions of a couch potato - Part 11

Friday 15th May 05:30 Couch to 10k Week 2 -1 Run 4/18

Ok, week two, run number one

3 x 15 minute runs, 2 x 1 minute walks, total time 57 minutes

Lovely morning for a run.

Monday 18th May 06:00 Couch to 10k Week 2-2 Run 5/18

I sneaked an extra day off in yesterday as I slept in for a change.

My run this morning felt easier. I’ll have to take more days off!

I completed three 15 minute runs and got all the way to Cuckfield, distance 8.0 kilometres.

I was buzzing at the end the run, it was really good to get out for a run in the sun.

Wednesday 20th May 06:00 Couch to 10k Week 2-3 Run 6/18

3 x 15 minute runs, 2 x 1 minute walks out to Cuckfield again

Total time 57 minutes

Thursday 21st Strength and Flex Week 5

Completed all exercises today, but experienced knee pain whilst performing the squats.

Friday 22nd

I have a niggling pain in my left knee this morning and my right knee is swollen. Feels like fluid on the knee, which I’ve not had for a long time. I attempted to run the Couch to 10k Week 3-1 run today, but had to stop straight away due to jarring knee pain.

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