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Confessions of a couch potato - Part 12

Monday 25th May 15:00

My swollen knee has prevented me from running, but I went for quite a long walk with my daughter today and tried a few bursts of jogging to test my knees using a new running technique which I learnt from reading Chi Running by Danny Dreyer

I didn’t experience any knee pain so will try a run again tomorrow morning.

As my main goal is to complete the Couch to 10k I’ve decided to stop the Strength and Flex exercises as it may actually hamper my running progress and lead to further injury.

Tuesday 26th May 06:00 Couch to 10k Week 3-1 Run 7/18

Attempting this run again after analysing my running technique.

I no longer have pain in my left knee, but still have a slightly swollen right knee.

I’m going to try the Chi Running method. Basically you lean forward from the ankles and gravity forces your legs forward to stop you from falling. You end up using your core muscles instead of your legs when running. As your core muscles are a bigger muscle group this is more efficient method of running. This technique uses less energy, meaning you can run further, run for longer, eliminates muscle and joint pain.

I completed a 9.5 k run/walk 3 x 18 minute runs with two 1 minute walks in the middle.

I had some knee discomfort, but no pain. Just a constant reminder to perform body sensing when experiencing pain or discomfort and to keep checking my running posture.

Thursday 28th May 05:30 Couch to 10k Week 3-2 Run 8/18

A bit of knee discomfort this morning in my right knee, but no pain.

I completed another 9.5 k run/walk 3 x 18 minute runs with two 1 minute walks in the middle.

Monday 1st June 06:00 Couch to 10k Week 3-3 Run 9/18

My right knee was very swollen again for a couple of days and I was unable to run.

I was able to complete 3 x 17 minute runs, 2 x 1 minute walks this morning

No records broken, but I got round the “course”

Total time 01:03

Distance 8.6 kilometres

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