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How to Remember What You Read

Have you ever read a book only to find that you have forgotten most of what you have read just a few weeks later?

If we want to retain information for the long term, then we need to review it regularly, else it fades from our memory.

The more interesting we find a book, the more likely we are to remember its contents.

As you are reading a book, write a chapter summary at the end of each chapter.

Making notes is an important way of integrating what you read into your mind.

If you are struggling to stay focused, limit your reading sessions to thirty minutes and take ten-minute breaks between sessions.

Try and visualise what you read by creating a picture of it. Our brains are very efficient at remembering images.

Teaching others what you have learnt is a powerful way to embed the information in your mind.

Put what you have learnt into practice if possible.

Test yourself or get someone to test you.

Review what you have read after a day, or two, then a week later, then two weeks later, then monthly, three monthly and at ever increasing intervals.

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