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Is your religion serving you?

Do you fear God?

Are you living in fear of death, hell, shame, guilt?

What is God to you?

Is he a God of love, or a God to be feared?

I'm here to tell you that God is not be feared.

Know that God loves you, regardless of your perceived faults.

You are perfect as you are, realise that in your heart and free yourself from enslavement to your texts.

There is no need to fear death.

Life is eternal. There is no death, only a transition, from a physical to a spiritual body.

Do not fear hell.

There is no hell, only what you imagine to be hell and only for as long as you wish to experience it.

Have faith in yourself, your higher self and God.

God is the best version of you.

You are to be admired and welcomed as one of God's greatest creations.

To deny God is to deny yourself.

Every thought of yourself as smaller than you really are is a denial of God.

Every word about yourself that puts you down is a denial of God.

We are all masters of our own destiny, nothing is foretold.

We shape our own futures.

We can reach for the stars or settle for less than we deserve.

Life is not meant to be a battle.

Life is a beautiful thing and should be cherished and enjoyed.

Joy, Truth, Love

My thanks to Iker Urteaga for the Unsplash image

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